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Hoists Site

Looking to better your productivity then you need quality lifting equipment from the UK's No 1 Hoists supplier. We offer extraordinary quality in terms of value and innovation.

Lifting Options

When looking to move heavy as well as difficult loads around your manufacturing plant workshop you will need either some kind of hoist or perhaps an overhead crane of some sort. For the best quality lifting gear we recommend Podem Cranes UK

Wire Rope Chain Hoists can have a cable rope or perhaps chain with the hook connected and the power that lifts them can be manual, gas or even electrical. Chain hoists can either be on runners or a sort of swing jib that looks a little bit like a lamppost.

Overhead cranes are often referred to as bridge cranes, which can be single, double or gantry girder cranes. The UK manufacturing industry in small and large factory units across the country would grind to a halt without the aid of lifting hoists.

The normal factory overhead cranes have parallel runways with a traveling connection which spans between the 2 over the breadth of the factory. This means the electric chain hoist can travel between the runways.

When individuals think of cranes they often picture a construction site tower crane or perhaps the sort that are on the back of a lorry, however overhead cranes are mostly for the manufacturing sector and for production line uses.